Laurie Borggreve is an American artist and sculptor. Her early years were spent studying design, studio arts and art history in Minneapolis. After graduating from the University of Minnesota, she moved to San Francisco where she focused on painting and worked as an art director and designer to support her career in fine arts. Over the past 15 years, she has continued to explore fine art and design while living and working in Minneapolis, Chicago, and New York. She now combines her knowledge of multiple disciplines to create mixed media sculptures and installations. Her award-winning work is exhibited throughout the country.


I use a wide variety of materials to create delicate and highly detailed sculptures and installations. Many of my pieces are made up of hundreds and often thousands of individually handcrafted components. Transforming and expanding the potential of conventional materials, such as liquid adhesives, glass, plastics, and metal beyond their intended purpose, is a consistent focus in my work. Discovering the new possibilities of a material and how they might enhance a specific message or idea is an integral part of my process.

With the use of tiny details and subtle messages, I like to invite people to look past the obvious and engage them in close observation. Ideally, making a visual statement that will spark conversation and mark a social or political point in time. Current events, contradiction and collection, and the natural world are the influences that shape my work. Sometimes, my pieces form organically. Other times, they are planned in advance and highly structured. I use disparate methods and creative disciplines in order to make each piece a unique technical challenge. This also allows me to convey the beauty I feel variety can add to art and the everyday world.